Trusted Site Development Services in Delaware County

Site Development Services in Delaware County 

Proper planning and analysis before breaking ground on a construction project are essential for effectively building, improving or renovating any public, commercial or residential structure. Beginning a major construction project with reliable site development, planning and analysis depends on the quality of the professional engineering firm that partners with the developer or builder.

One of the major reasons why Catania Engineering Associates is the top choice for builders and developers looking to get their construction projects in the Delaware Valley area off the ground is that our firm takes a comprehensive approach to site development. Our experience in all aspects of site planning and site design means that no detail is overlooked in terms of preparing for a major land development project. 

Common Site Planning and Design Services

Effective site planning and design require a wide range of pre-construction services that must all be completed timely and correctly to line up a feasible construction project from start to finish. Some of the preliminary aspects of site development and construction planning that require the specialized knowledge of a quality professional engineering firm include:

  • Securing approvals for project plans, including obtaining all required permits from local authorities 
  • Assessing the proposed site location 
  • Conducting a feasibility study based on the project plans
  • Planning the design layout
  • Managing stormwater drainage and runoff
  • Planning construction phases
  • Evaluating bid proposals
  • Inspecting construction plans and performance to match project specifications
  • Preparing for passing final inspections and compliance with all applicable building codes

Read on to find more information about the common site development services that our experienced team of professional engineers and staff at Catania Engineering Associates provides throughout the Delaware Valley region. 

Topographical Surveys

One of the key elements of planning for a construction project is conducting an accurate and detailed topographical survey to have an overview of the geographic factors that must be considered. In addition to a boundary or property line survey, a topographical survey provides crucial information about a piece of land with a 3D rendering of the land’s elevations and surface features. They are also called contour surveys because they depict the outlines of all of the natural and man-made structures and objects on the surface of the land as various contour lines on a site map.

The data retrieved by the detailed topographical surveys conducted by Catania Engineering Associates is analyzed by our firm’s CAD specialists and used to model how the site’s topography factors into any improvement plans. One of the important uses of these site models is anticipating how the land will change with the addition of proposed site improvements. This allows for the effective planning and design of stormwater management systems as well as preventing potential flooding by taking into account the site’s topographic features.

The experienced team at Catania Engineering Associates has been the premium choice for topographical surveys for project sites throughout the Delaware Valley region since 1964. Contact our office today to discuss any topographical survey needs for the site development phase of any public, commercial or residential construction projects in Delaware County and the surrounding areas. 

Subdivision, Land Development and Stormwater Management

We offer a wide range of consulting and professional engineering services to builders and developers preparing subdivision and land development projects in the Delaware Valley area. Our primary role is to ensure that a project’s plans take into account the long list of site feasibility, infrastructure, environmental, boundary, landscaping and regulatory issues that are unique to the specific project site. Our skilled team of professional engineers and support staff at Catania Engineering Associates provides these services to developers for residential subdivisions, commercial land development, industrial development and municipal construction projects. 

Comprehensive and Cost-Effective Stormwater Management Planning and Solutions

Stormwater management is one of the more complex aspects of site development as a result of the multiple layers of local, state and national rules and regulations regarding stormwater runoff. At Catania Engineering Associates, we have decades of experience in working with local, state and federal regulators concerning the stormwater management and drainage aspects of major construction projects in and around Delaware County.

Along with our in-depth understanding of the applicable regulations, our innovative technology and modeling capacity allows us to inform builders and developers of the significant obstacles that they may encounter in implementing their stormwater management plan. We work closely with all key project personnel at the site development stage to make sure that all stormwater management plans are in compliance with laws and regulations, properly designed to manage the unique drainage and precipitation concerns of the area and as cost-effective as possible. 

Zoning and Feasibility Studies

We partner with developers and builders throughout all aspects of the site development process, including applying for all required permits and approvals to begin construction on a project. Part of this involves zoning and feasibility studies to determine the potential uses for a plot of land based on local zoning regulations and the specific geographic characteristics of the site. These studies are often used in advance of purchasing a particular plot of land so that the potential owner and developer are certain that the property for sale can be used for their project’s intended purchase.

This is one of the earliest stages of the site development process because the feasibility study helps determine whether the property that a buyer and the developer are considering for a new project is actually poised for development. An important aspect of the feasibility study is alerting the potential property buyer and developer about whether the design layout will require any adjustments based on the features of the land and any applicable regulations.

Before making a serious financial commitment to purchase property for a construction project, enlist the professional engineering services of Catania Engineering Associates to conduct a zoning and feasibility study. This is a useful and informative service that we provide to ensure that a potential project site is viable for the developer’s intended plans. 

Construction Surveys

When it comes to making sure that a site is ready for a particular construction project, construction surveys are essential as a preliminary method of gathering vital information. A construction survey is also referred to as construction staking because the survey stakes out where all of the existing structures and other improvements are located on a plot of land. This includes relevant roadways, sewer systems, any existing stormwater management systems, pipelines and buildings.

In addition, construction staking identifies the precise location where new structures are to be built on a plot of land or where any additions or improvements will extend on the property. A construction survey creates reference points and pinpoints markers that will help guide the location of the construction of a new structure or renovation on the project site. In conjunction with the information gleaned from the land survey conducted at the outset of the planning process, a construction survey provides clear guidance on the layout of the project site for all aspects of the building process.

A comprehensive construction survey also indicates the exact location of where all structural supports will be installed on the site. This ensures that the building plans will be carried out in the proper location to prevent any issues with topographic concerns or the relative spacing of land improvements across the site. One more helpful aspect of the construction survey is that it defines where any dumpsters and temporary construction trailers should be safely located to avoid safety issues or interference with the ongoing construction process.

The well-rounded and knowledgeable team at Catania Engineering Associates includes expert construction surveyors who have conducted various construction surveys around the Delaware Valley region. Contact us with any questions about how we can assist with construction surveys for municipal, residential and commercial construction projects in the Delaware County area.

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