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Municipal Engineering Services

Catania Engineering Associates has been consulting and providing professional engineering services on municipal projects in the Delaware Valley region since 1964. With a collaborative and dynamic team of more than 30 professional engineers, technicians, licensed surveyors and support staff, our office is prepared with knowledgeable and experienced professionals and extensive resources to handle municipal projects of all sizes and scheduling constraints. In addition to building code enforcement and stormwater drainage issues, we can apply our expertise on jobs involving sanitary sewage, parks and recreation, streets and roadway design and construction, GIS and MS4 compliance.

Some examples of the Delaware Valley municipal projects that we have consulted on include the following:

  • Norwood fire house for the Borough of Norwood
  • Woodlot Park for the Borough of Parkside
  • Culvert on Woodward Road for the Township of Nether Providence
  • Eastlake Park for the Borough of Ridley Park

Learn more about the most common services that Catania Engineering Associates provides on municipal projects, such as road paving and repair, traffic flow design, stormwater management, zoning review, feasibility studies, site assessments, grant applications, building code enforcement and interpretation, surveys and park planning. 

Sanitary Sewage

The proper storage and disposal of wastewater are crucial responsibilities for municipalities and require consultation with a knowledgeable civil engineering firm to ensure that sewage plans are appropriately designed and implemented correctly. We are experienced in evaluating existing sanitary sewage collection systems, upgrading current wastewater systems, designing new eco-friendly and efficient sanitary sewage storage and disposal systems and reviewing construction plans for compatibility with sanitary sewage systems and other public utilities. Our professional engineers identify efficiency and capacity issues with sanitary sewage systems from on-site inspections, computer modeling and sewage flow studies.

When it comes to keeping communities safe and sanitary sewage systems in the Delaware Valley working properly, Catania Engineering Associates is trusted by municipalities to find sustainable, cost-effective solutions for the effective removal of wastewater. 

Stormwater Drainage

Stormwater management prevents precipitation runoff from causing drainage issues, such as flooding on roads and inside of buildings, drain backups, soil erosion and exposure to bacteria and pollutants. Inadequate drainage systems can result in environmental damage from the accumulation of runoff, displacement of natural habitats, introduction of chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers into the watershed, destruction of soil banks, concentration of pollutants and stagnant floodwater. In addition to causing environmental damage, inefficient drainage systems increase the spread of disease, ruin landscaping and contaminate water sources.

Preventing these problems at the outset is the objective of Catania Engineering Associates in consulting on Delaware Valley stormwater drainage design and repair projects. We thoroughly assess the specific environmental factors and local topography to advise on the most effective retention basin, swale or detention system to accommodate runoff issues. Our hands-on approach to stormwater drainage planning involves an intense study of the local environment to address any localized concerns and create the ideal combination of drainage options for directing runoff. We also provide comprehensive drainage studies and flood plain studies for municipal clients to assist in evaluating Delaware Valley stormwater drainage plans. 


Our experience and in-depth knowledge of municipal engineering make Catania Engineering Associates a dependable choice for municipal transportation projects, including street design, roadway reconstruction, repaving jobs, road expansion, traffic flow studies and road maintenance. We have invaluable expertise in working with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation along with specific knowledge of local regulations related to transportation projects. Our familiarity with government regulations helps our clients proceed through the submittal process for transportation projects with ease. Some of the many benefits of partnering with Catania Engineering Associates on municipal transportation jobs include:

  • Reduced traffic congestion
  • Improved pedestrian and bicyclist safety
  • Eco-friendly road design and construction 
  • Compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations 
  • Durable and cost-effective surface repairs
  • Proactive stormwater management planning 

We offer safe and practical street and roadway design services to address traffic flow concerns, accommodate large trucks and heavy vehicles, improve public safety and minimize the environmental impact. 

Parks and Recreation

We assist municipalities with the design, planning and construction of parks and other recreational facilities throughout the Delaware Valley region. Our comprehensive approach to helping municipal clients make the most efficient use of public land parcels means that we aim to improve the community and increase access to recreation through our services. We help municipalities anticipate all aspects of the construction of a park or a recreational facility, such as public access, environmental impact, maintenance requirements, public restroom access and ADA compliance.

Some of the common recreational projects that we can assist with include:

  • Parks
  • Community swimming pools and aquatic centers
  • Bike paths
  • Athletic fields 
  • Community centers 
  • Walking and hiking trails

From consulting on the best and most efficient use of public land to designing a public park, Catania Engineering Associates is active in all aspects of recreational project planning on behalf of municipal clients in the Delaware Valley region. 

MS4 Compliance

MS4 stands for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System, which is a program overseen by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to enforce the federal Clean Water Act’s stormwater management requirements. Separate stormwater collection systems typically consist of basins, ditches, pipes and inlets that collect stormwater and discharge it into the nearby water source. MS4 compliance is required of urban areas that hit certain population thresholds. These areas must implement minimum control measures across six different categories to minimize the impact of runoff from stormwater on the environment.

We assist MS4 communities with applying for National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits to discharge concentrated stormwater into local waterways. Municipal clients benefit from our years of experience with NPDES permit applications to develop runoff programs, track their effectiveness and report results to the state.

Examples of services for MS4 compliance that we provide to municipal clients include the following:

  • Performing compliance inspections
  • Investigating unauthorized stormwater discharge
  • Creating local stormwater discharge plans
  • Reviewing and consulting on trash collection best practices 
  • Assisting in developing training programs for MS4 compliance 

Building Code/Code Enforcement

Given that Catania Engineering Associates has developed a reputation in the Delaware Valley region for professionalism and maintaining strict quality standards over the past 55 years, we are the trusted industry experts for reviewing and commenting on building codes and ordinances. Our past and continued work on Delaware Valley municipal projects makes us an authoritative source of information and code recommendations for government bodies and officials in the region.

Some of the most common building code consulting and code enforcement services that we provide to municipal clients include:

  • Development plan review
  • Inspections 
  • Building code interpretation 
  • Recommendations for additions or changes to the building code
  • Environmental impact studies for new code recommendations
  • Representing government agencies at public meeting


Catania Engineering Associates uses cutting-edge Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to provide geographic mapping and data collection services to our public sector clients. GIS technology allows for interactive mapping for many applications on municipal projects, including:

  • Stormwater management
  • Flood plain management
  • Utility mapping
  • Park planning 
  • Sewage management 
  • Roadway design, construction and repairs
  • Environmental studies and impact analysis
  • Audits for MS4 compliance

When used in conjunction with Geographic Positioning System (GPS) technology, GIS mapping provides detailed data about an area’s geographic features and the precise location of utility lines, infrastructure, buildings, roads and storm drains. We make sure that the data collected from GIS mapping for Delaware Valley projects is tailored to each client’s needs and accessible for practical use on the project. We work and communicate closely with clients to ensure that we are delivering valuable data from our GIS mapping for Delaware Valley projects. 

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