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Commercial Engineering Services

Catania Engineering Associates has been consistently providing award-winning engineering services to clients throughout the Delaware Valley region on commercial projects since we were established in 1964. Our professional engineers, technicians, licensed surveyors, and support staff have helped commercial clients complete all aspects of construction projects from conception to final inspection. Our capacity for full-service involvement in Delaware Valley commercial projects offers a streamlined and cost-effective option for clients in need of planning, design, construction management, code compliance and inspection services.

When commercial builders, developers, architects or contractors need a competent and dedicated civil engineering firm to assist with a project, Catania Engineering Associates is the clear choice for the job. An example of one of our recent major commercial construction projects is the Rivertown Office Complex in Chester, Pennsylvania. Our extensive construction experience and strong ties to the Delaware Valley community make us the client-approved choice for commercial construction planning and management services. 

ALTA/ACSM Title Surveys

We complete title surveys for commercial properties in accordance with the Minimum Standard Detail Requirements established by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). At Catania Engineering Associates, our professional and licensed surveyors assist developers, builders and property owners with obtaining the required land boundary surveys on commercial properties for title insurance and other purposes. In addition to identifying the property boundary lines, an ALTA/ACSM title survey identifies the following items graphically on a commercial plot:

  • Site improvements
  • Easements
  • Other right-of-way property interests
  • Any other property right that affects ownership or usage of the land

Our professional surveyors refer to information on the title commitment and work closely with title companies and/or lenders to ensure that all requirements for the land survey are met. We deliver accurate, detailed, timely and professional ALTA/ACSM title surveys to our commercial clients so that they can proceed with their development projects without any delays or unexpected encumbrances on the title to the property. 

Structural Surveys

Before purchasing or beginning plans to improve or renovate an existing commercial building in the Delaware Valley, it is prudent to have a structural survey or a property condition assessment conducted by a licensed engineer. It may be required by a lender or an insurance company to establish the present condition and value of the commercial property before a loan is approved for the purchaser, especially if the commercial building is valuable. This type of commercial property inspection involves a review of the structural condition of the property, including any issues with the foundation, roof, floors, interior and exterior walls, joints, doors, windows, ceilings and exterior structures. While the condition of major systems, such as the HVAC system, may be noted in a structural survey, the main focus of this inspection is the structural condition of the property. 

When a Structural Survey Might Be Needed

Builders and contractors working on improvements to an existing commercial structure depend on Catania Engineering Associates when they need a Delaware Valley engineer for structural surveys. Any purchaser of a commercial property should invest in a structural survey because it provides valuable information about visible deficiencies in the building. Builders can anticipate repairs and avoid unexpected and expensive surprises like a crumbling foundation or a damaged roof. A structural survey is also helpful for commercial tenants. It documents the condition that the property was in when they took possession and can protect commercial tenants in the event that the landlord demands compensation for major structural repairs that were noted before the tenant’s occupancy. 

Protect Investments in a Commercial Property With a Structural Survey

Identifying structural issues and anticipating upcoming repairs for a commercial property both require firsthand experience in inspecting commercial buildings and recognizing signs of problems. Structural damage is not always immediately apparent and is most accurately identified by a licensed professional engineer. Purchasing, leasing or renovating a commercial building with unknown structural issues could result in major investments in repairs to the structure of the building, legal liability for any injuries to visitors of the building, incompatible improvements being made to the structure and potential code violations. These issues are avoidable with the assistance of a licensed professional surveyor who can inspect a commercial property before a prospective owner assumes liability for its condition.

For those leasing, purchasing, improving, renovating or adding onto an existing commercial building, contact Catania Engineering Associates to consult with a Delaware Valley engineer for structural surveys. 

Building Additions and Restoration Projects

For commercial restoration projects or building an addition onto an existing commercial building, Catania Engineering Associates is the preferred professional engineering firm in the Delaware Valley region. We offer all-inclusive construction engineering services from permit applications to code compliance so that builders, developers and contractors can centralize their construction planning and management tasks. We work closely with commercial construction clients to help them implement and finalize the architect’s restoration or addition plans.

Some of the common commercial building restoration and addition services we provide include the following:

  • Evaluation of an existing property for an addition
  • Design plans for a building addition
  • Design plans for restoration projects
  • Representation of developers and property owners at public meetings
  • Environmental remediation planning
  • Permit applications 
  • Property line surveys for additions
  • Construction management for code compliance and proper execution of the design plans

We put our in-depth knowledge of building codes and applicable regulations to work for our commercial construction clients in making sure that their project plans and implementation are up to standard. Our proactive planning and management services prevent builders and contractors from enduring unnecessary delays or deviating from project plans. This helps avoid fines from local, county or state agencies and saves material and labor costs.

Before a next building restoration or addition project, reach out to our team at Catania Engineering Associates to discuss how we can help with the construction design and plans. 

Site Improvements

Making improvements to commercial property in the Delaware Valley area is much more efficient with the support of a full-service professional engineering firm like Catania Engineering Associates. We assist with site improvements on existing commercial properties throughout all steps of the job. Commercial clients partner with us when they need a quality Delaware Valley engineer for site improvements. Some of the engineering services that we provide include surveying, feasibility studies, stormwater management plans, environmental impact studies and construction design plans. We assist builders, developers, contractors and commercial property owners in applying for and obtaining permits for site improvement projects.

Throughout all of our work on site improvement projects, we are constantly attentive to quality standards and code compliance issues so that our clients do not have to fix major issues to pass official inspections. Our commitment to due diligence at the outset of site improvement jobs eliminates challenges in the implementation phase and ensures that projects are completed to our clients’ satisfaction. Clients benefit from our on-site construction management services that are centered upon attention to detail and a collaborative communication style.

Each commercial project is unique and requires that builders, contractors and engineers remain flexible and address issues as they arise. We help evaluate and consult on the implementation of any major changes in work proposed by contractors so that our clients always receive a comprehensive analysis of how the project is adhering to construction plans. This also helps with keeping a project within budget and makes sure the client is aware of all changes. Having a long history of designing, planning, managing and inspecting commercial site improvement projects in the area gives our team an invaluable perspective on how to efficiently and properly complete a commercial construction assignment without unnecessary expenses or construction delays.

Those who need a Delaware Valley engineer for site improvements can contact Catania Engineering Associates to discuss their specific commercial project and learn how we can help them complete their job successfully.

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